My name Dennis.

Im an illustrator and motion designer,

born and raised in Berlin.

I started to illustrate very ealry on in my childhood and  I very quilcky developed a great passion for it. 

In 2008 I graduated at the BTK School of Technological Arts Berlin) and received my diploma in  communication design. During my education I  gained a great deal of knowledge throughout many layers of design in general  but found the greatest fascination in motion graphics

which I know specialize in. 

I urrently live in Berlin, Germany

and work as a freelance Illustrator and Motion Graphics Designer.

My illustration style is a combination of traditional and unorthodox painting techniques. Not focusing on one tool but rather using anything between pencil, ink and copic marker gives me the freedom to approach my ideas as they come.

My work falls somewhere between comic and pseudo realism. An ability to employ various media and complex methods provides for varied and original compositions.

I pride myself on passionate professionalism and insisting on being a consummate perfectionist.






Attempting to find a name for yourself, representing your art, your passion and belief as well as your character seems to be an almost impossible quest. There are many names I have stumbled across, considered and played with. At first I thought I was looking for something innovative, something that sticks. A name which shows what kind of work I do…but since my interests are so far reaching and eclectic, I found it hard to settle on a name that encapsulated all that is me. One day I chanced upon a website which read

"I am ….." what could be a better representation than this. Simple and straight forward, "I am….." is of course how we most often introduce ourselves. So in a homage to a lifelong inspiration, and an attempt to embody the philosophy of the name……



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