WELCOME TO VISIONS OF AKIRA  //  VOA      I'm a freelance motion designer and illustrator living and working in Berlin , Germany.

I studied  communication design and quickly found my way into digital animation as well as editing and  post production. I graduated at BTK School of Arts Berlin and received my diploma in communication design. During my education studied intensely the many layers of design which reached from 2D/3D animation, editorial design, graphic design to concept and storyboarding. I consider myself passionate and each new project as an opportunity to learn and move forward.

My illustration style is a combination of traditional and unorthodox painting techniques. Not focusing on one tool but rather using anything between pencil, ink and copic marker and paint gives me the freedom to approach my ideas as they come. My work falls somewhere between comic and pseudo realism. An ability to employ various media and complex methods provides varied and original compositions. I pride myself on passionate professionalism and insisting on being a consummate perfectionist.


 After Effects  Cinema4D  Photoshop  Indesign  Illustrator  Lightroom